Beaver Communicator Activity Badge

This copy was downloaded in April 2018  Comms Badge Beaver Check for the most recent syllabus at Beaver Communicator Activity Badge

Cub Communicator Activity Badge

This copy was downloaded in April 2018 Comms Badge Cub. Check for the most recent syllabus at Cub Communicator Activity Badge

Scout Communicator Activity Badge

This copy was downloaded in April 2018 Comms Badge Scout. Check for the most recent syllabus at Scout Communicator Activity Badge

Sign-off Sheet for Communicator Badges

When a Beaver/Cub/Scout completes only part of their Communicator Badge, this sheet provides a convenient way for them to show their Leaders which clauses they have completed. It concentrates on the clauses most most likely to be available at a Scout Radio station.  Communicator Activity Badges Sign-off sheet

Phonetic Alphabet

A knowledge of the International Phonetic Alphabet is essential and not just in Amateur Radio. The first file offers four alphabets on an A4 page to print out. Each sheet can then be cut to four A6 sheets. The other files have activities related to the Phonetic Alphabet.


Although Morse is no longer required for the Amateur Radio Transmitting Licence in the UK, it is still very popular. In addition to alphabets to print out, this file has suggestions on how to learn the Morse code.  Morse Code


Although not strictly radio, semaphore is a popular form of communication, especially on a sunny day.  Semaphore


The construction of small electronic circuits from kits of parts are usually very popular.

Radio Orienteering

After the Swedes had invented Orienteering, those with radio transmitting licences thought up Radio Orienteering. Small transmitters are hidden in the woods and the competitors search for them using a radio receiver, map and compass. This activity is popular with Scouts because it appeals to their competitive instincts and with Scout Leaders because it involves map and compass work, as well as burning up a lot of energy.

Pioneering Projects

While most radio amateurs prefer an aerial mast that is quick to assemble, Scouts might enjoy erecting a mast using their skills tying knots and making lashings.

Summary of Activities

Here is a summary of activities that might be offered at an amateur radio station for the Scouts. There are probably more, so please let us know what activities you have found successful that are not listed here. While it was written with JOTA in mind, it is equally applicable to any station.