Station Folders

All the general information needed by a visitor to a Scout Amateur Radio station is brought together in this leaflet. It is printed on five of the six panels of a tri-fold A4 sheet. The front panel is left blank for the name and other details of the individual station. A French version is included. Download a PDF file with more details and the masters.

Message Forms

It is easy to become tongue tied when presented with the microphone and told to speak. This form provides a space for the individual’s name (with the phonetic alphabet) and a space for the their message. Download a PDF file with more details and the masters.  Message Forms 2023

“I spoke to” stickers

Experience shows that some youngsters are more willing to pass a greeting message if others have done so (and survived). Download a PDF file with more details and the masters for a typical sheet of labels.  Stickers 2023

Useful Frequencies – Scout, IARU Beacons, PSK, SSTV, etc.

This is a collection of amateur radio operating data that often needed at short notice. How often does one change band and then have to ask what is the “Scout Frequency”?  Useful Frequencies, etc. Frequencies-Scout-QRP-PSK31-SSTV

Amateur Radio Prefixes

This summary of the amateur radio prefixes was downloaded from the RSGB website (June 2018). Amateur-Callsign-Prefixes



Most radio amateurs have a set of equipment that they use for outings like JOTA at a Scout Hut. However, the aerial often requires improvisation when the facilities are inspected. Here are some suggestions that are light-weight and quick to deploy.

Choke Baluns

A well placed choke balun with the appropriate specification will reduce the problems caused by common mode signals. These notes and designs may help.

  • General information
  • Design details 80m – 10m
  • More designs

Knotless guylines

Knots, especially wet ones, frequently hinder taking down the aerials after an event. However, there are a number of cord joiners that do not need knots and so are quick to remove. [photos of my collection] [PDF link] 

Other equipment

A collection of items and ideas that make operating easier.